BlindSight is a voyage of discovery attempting to make the loss of sight both visible and tangible. In this series I have portrayed individuals with a visual impediment and those who have slowly gone blind. For a better understanding of what the process of losing ones sight is like I took the photographs while actually wearing a blindfold and, therefore, had to rely on my other senses. This series was created by solely focusing on the sense of hearing and touch.


I became interested in the loss of sight when a spot was discovered on my macula lutea, the yellow spot at the back of the retina. This can lead to damage on the cones in the light sensitive retina. This in turn leads to loss of colour and diminished sharpness of sight.


I portray people with a sight impediment and individuals who are slowly going blind. They know what it is like to be able to see and have gone through the process of losing ones sight. Each person has his or her own story and it is inspiring to hear how they have found their own way in their new world of sounds and smells.


‘I wish to know the world they live in.’